Friends, that subject line is one that I sit with quite often – wondering what our denomination will be or look like, as we continue to have major budget issues, as we no longer have a Witness/Washington Office, as we debate issues of sexuality.  And, of course, as we continue to shrink in terms of membership.  In the next, say, 20 years, what will the Church of the Brethren look like?

But, this is also particularly on my mind this week. I am preparing for a trip to Elgin, to serve as the On Earth Peace representative to the Vision Committee, which is called to, “To prepare a document that presents vision and general directions for denominational mission in the next decade.” I certainly don’t have answers to that – I hope, trust, and pray that the conversations had at the beginning of next week with other committee members will help us start visioning what it can be.  But as part of my preparation … what do you think?  What do you see the Church of the Brethren looking like in the next 10 years?  What, in your mind, should the church be going forward?

As young adults, this is our church. It is our future to begin to mold, to imagine into being, to call into being. So … what do you say?