A few weeks ago a leader in the Columbian Mennonite Church came to DC to share the experiences of the Columbian Anabaptists with University Park COB and Hyattsville Mennonite.  Through his eloquent Spanish and several capable interpreters I was amazed by his prophetic yet pastoral insights.

His most cutting insight came in a profoundly simple question:  “Have we so spiritualized salvation that we have piety without justice?”

The sigh of confirmation from the congregation was audible.

This seems, at least to me, to capture the insights of the early Brethren in a single sentence.  Some contemporary Brethren may want to highlight the interests of justice and peace over salvation while others among us want to elevate salvation above all else.  Yet, each camp presents themselves as pious members of the tradition.  Fundamentally, however, I think our early spiritual ancestors held all three in a kind of Trinitarian balance.

So I want to open the same question for our collective discussion: How have we spiritualized salvation so that we have piety without justice?