Greetings, friends. I do believe it is my turn now to keep this conversation going on here.  And so, I am going to kick this off with the title of the blog.  Yes, partly this was meant to imply the place in which young adults find themselves in the church – already leaders, but also not yet fully who they are going to be – or who they are being called to be.  People ready to step up and take responsbility, but who still need some mentorship along the way.

But more than that, I want to think about how this is the role of the church in the world – proclaiming the already but not yet Kingdom of God.  It is appropriate, I think, as we begin the Advent season – the season of preparation for the coming of God into this world.  The arrival of the God in human flesh.  So, what does this mean for the CoB today?  What does it mean for the church to proclaim a reign of God that has already come, that has already begun … and yet is still not fully visible?  Sallie McFague writes, in the Epilogue of a book titled Theology That Matters,

We are called to live in a different world, a world where the good of the individual and the good of the community are intrinsically and intimately related.  But how do we get there? […] We return to verse 24 of Isaiah 65: “Before they call I will answer, while they are speaking, I will hear”. That is the only reason we dare to imagine a different world – because God is before us, God is there already […] The One in whom we live and move and have our being assures us that this other world […] is not a dream, but the way things should be, and will be, with God’s help. To the degree we live in God, from God, and for God, this world will emerge (205).

And so, my question for you – what kind of world should the church be calling into being?  In what ways should we be modeling that world?  Just what is the church called to be?  What is the vision the Church of the Brethren should be living into?  And are we?  Ok, so that was 5 questions, but they are all pretty well related.  As the quote and the image show us, this reality is being birthed as we speak.  The world is full of the expectation of this season.  So, in this Advent season – what is the hope the Church of the Brethren is called to live into?