I recently came across this blog post by Jason Byassee over at Duke’s “Call and Response:”

The concept of traditioned innovation holds that entrepreneurial advance in the church for a new day is never a start from scratch. We need always to be innovating boldly — and truth be told the church is entirely too reticent to change too much of the time. But when we change we don’t do so just for change’s sake, or to attract more people, or from scratch. Instead, we always reach back into the depths of Christian tradition to recover something we’d neglected there and reframe it for a new day.

As a part of the radical reformation, our tradition is steeped in “traditioned innovation.” We’ve always been “reaching back into the depths of tradition to recover and reframe,” whether it was reviving the practices of adult baptism and footwashing, or insisting on reading scripture together in community – like the first believers must have done with Paul’s letters or Mark’s gospel.

But I’m curious: what things ought we to recover and reframe right now? Whether they’re things from our Brethren history or things more ancient, what are the aspects of Christianity that you wish we did more of, or better? Which traditions are you recovering, now? What innovations are taking place in your communities?