The last several weeks have seen some interesting and important discussions here on Already and Not Yet. The exchanges have been insightful, kind, and productive. When those of us who administer the blog look at the stats for the blog it is clear this has created an interest in the blog not seen in previous months. We would like to continue this trend!

In order to do so we we are establishing a schedule of postings and recruiting contributors.

We will be posting questions for discussion every Tuesday and Thursday to develop a rhythm on the blog. Please subscribe, comment, or even click over to see what is going on.

If you are interested in contributing questions or short pieces to the blog, leave a comment here and we will be in touch to add you to the rotation.

There are few places for sustained, denomination wide conversation. It is the hope of us here at Already and Not Yet that this forum can be a place to begin talking about The Church of the Brethren and the Church Universal in the 21st Century. Join us!