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Friends, it was such a joy to be with all of you this week in Arizona. It is amazing how quickly deep conversations and relationshps were launched into. And … in the spirit of keeping this going, I thought I would just throw a post out there with some other opportunities.

First, within the CoB – we have coming up a peace conference in January, in which we are one of the three main planners, along with the Friends and Mennonites. We have been given 100 delegate slots to fill – and to the best of my knowledge, Phil Jones and the Witness/Washington office still has some available. It is Jan. 13-17, in Philadelphia. For more info on this, check out And, if you are interested, shoot Phil or myself an email.

We also have Young Adult Conference coming up – Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd-25th. The theme for this year is going to be the Journey of Discipleship. Like all YAC’s, its gonna be a great time of fun and fellowship – but we are also going to be having tough conversations about what it means to be the church in the world (I am, of course, completly unbiased by my role on the YA Steering Committee). But, regardless – I would encourage all of us to be there. More info on that should be up on the CoB site soon.

Finally, ecumenically, which is also near and dear to my heart. March 13-16 is Ecumenical Advocacy Days in DC. Hundreds of people of faith gather here to learn about an issue, and then take their message to the Hill. The theme for this year is Enough for All Creation, and centers aroudn climate change. Also, among thoseĀ  hundreds are tons of young adults and seminarians from various communions – and there are gonna be opportunities for us to all gather together. More info on that is at There is also scholarship money available.

So, I would just really encourage all of you to check those things out, as ways to keep this conversation moving forward within the church – and imagining what we can do together. Thanks again, y’all – it was a really moving week, and I am really looking forward to seeing where we go with it.